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Food Intolerances

Included in your naturopathic visit is a food intolerance evaluation.

Food intolerances are a functional assessment of your body’s ability to breakdown, digest and absorb foods/food combinations in our gut.


The information provided includes your individualized primary food intolerance (Dairy, Potato, Eggs, etc), and a combination- meaning 2 foods that can't be in your gut within a time frame (ex. fruit and cane sugar within 6 hours of each other). 


Sometimes (usually if you have a lot of digestive symptoms) a secondary intolerance can show up. This is usually something your gut is reacting to due to a high level of inflammatory load from not avoiding the person's primary and combination intolerances.


The primary intolerance and combination intolerance are not likely to change over your lifetime, but there is a likelihood that if a secondary intolerance comes up, it can resolve by being consistent with intolerance removals. 


The information given is unique to you, and I don't view this as a "diet" but more of a lifestyle.


I ask people to do their best to avoid their intolerances for 6-8 weeks to see an overall improvement in a myriad of symptoms. Most people have good results with digestive symptoms improving, but also with sleep, skin, joints, mood, etc. After that time, then it is nice to try some of the foods again, and then you can start to notice how those foods affect you (what symptoms show up), and thus you can make an informed choice of if/when you would like to ingest those foods. 

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