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Find YOUR Personal Plant 

Herbal medicine has been practiced around the world for centuries. Our culture has learned to “take this for that” using medications, herbal medicine, nutrients, etc.  That is NOT how real healing works. REAL HEALING is deeper, it is connecting with your true self, and inviting nature to support your own process of healing. The body, mind, and spirit are in a state of dis-ease, and taking the time to get to know a plant at a deeper level also helps us to discover more about ourselves, and this facilitates the BODY HEALING ITSELF.  Learn more about the medicinal plant that best fits you and your current state of health! Taking a plant internally for medicine is only one way to connect, but sitting with the plant, growing the seeds, using the plant culinarily, and learning about this plant’s history and energetics can greatly enlighten your own spiritual connection to nature and thus yourself. Step out of the normal model for healing and put trust in nature to guide your path of healing. 

What to expect from your visit

60-minute visit with a detailed intake of current health concerns along with comprehensive tongue, pulse, and physical examinations. 

Plant fact sheet customized for you with history, medicinal uses, recipes, and so many more goodies!

Learning the importance of plant sits and how to complete them to form a deeper relationship with your medicinal herb. 

3 different forms of the plant (seeds, tincture, bulk herb, lotion, live plant, infused vinegar, etc)


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