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7 Naturopathic Principles 

First Do No Harm 

Primum Non Nocere acknowledges the self-healing process but also that external support can be supportive when used to enhance the healing potential within using the least force necessary and avoid the  suppression of symptoms .

Treat the Cause 

Tolle Causum refers to going deeper than treating symptoms. Symptoms are a clue into the system that is in a state of dysfunction. When you listen deeper, the true cause is revealed and the acute or chronic illness can be released. The body, mind, spirit is expressing itself the best it can to come back to balance. 

Treat the Whole Person

Tolle Totem revolves around addressing all aspects of health; the mind, body spirit in an individualized manner. This is a unique way of healing as the whole state of being shifts. 

Doctor as Teacher

Docere is the root of the word doctor, meaning to teach. Sharing the basic necessities for a vital life empowers lasting change and allows an individual to design their path to improved health. 


Defendere focuses on averting disease to allow for continued life force throughout the decades. Preventing diseases is more optimal than any  treatment.

The Healing Power of Nature 

Vis Medicatrix Naturae is trusting in the innate healing power within each person. The body can treat itself for most conditions if the terrain is clear. We strive to  support the actions of the body rather than suppress symptoms. 

Physician Heal Thyself

This is principle I find so important it has its own place in my naturopathic philosophy. To be able to treat the whole person effectively, the physican's duty is to be on their healing path as well. You cannot lead people to areas you have not been to. 

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