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Dana Mockenhaupt, NMD

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Dr. Dana Mockenhaupt is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Physician, herbalist, biofeedback specialist, and founder of Inspire Natural Medicine. She graduated from Bastyr University with a Bachelor of Herbal Sciences and a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. She completed a 2-year Primary Care based Residency in Portland, OR.  She previously worked as adjunct faculty at Bastyr University teaching botanical materia medica, medicine making, and herbal nutrition classes.  

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"What I appreciate the most about Dr. Dana's approach to medicine is how she caters each visit and regimen to her patients individually. It's not one-size-fits-all, as everybody's body and history are unique, so with her expert guidance and knowledge of plants and medicine, she will assess exactly what your body needs and what it is capable of, working within your own framework of knowledge and personal anatomy to give you the care that you need in that moment. I can't recommend her enough if you're looking to get to the true root of a problem that you may have been facing for ages or if you really want someone to take the time to listen to the issues you're facing with your physical health as she is a holistic practitioner and so therefore "no stone goes unturned" in her detailed diagnosis. Please give her a call and see for yourself!"

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Personal Plant

Reconnect with nature by creating a relationship with the medicinal plant best fit for you!

Naturopathic Care

Discover the healing power of a holistic visit teaching you how to be your best self.

Custom Botanical Blends

Carefully crafted plant medicine to address individual wellness needs.  Give yourself the gift of natural healing.

Free phone

See if Inspire Natural Medicine is the best fit for your health journey.

Medicinal garden Planning

Get started on growing the medicinal plants that are best for you and your land. 

Know your
blood type

Find out who you can give and receive blood from. 


what is a naturopatHic Medical Doctor?

NMDs are trained in a myriad of   different ways of healing the whole person. We are all united by our 7 principles. 

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